Animation Credits

Show Characters
Archibald the Koala Archduke, Edison
64 Zoo lane  Nelson the Elephant, Herbert the Warthog,  Denis Dromedary, Joey the Kangaroo, Kevin the Crocodile, Victor the Crocodile, Ronald the Rhino Wally the Wombat
Vampires, Pirates and Aliens  Various
Talis and the Thousand Tasks Talis
Cubeez Bozz
Angelina Ballerina Mr Mouseling, William, Dr Tuttle
The Way Things Work The Professor
Wilf the Witches Dog Various
Watch My Chops (Corneil and Bernie) Corneil
The Koala Brothers Frank Koala, Archie the Crocodile, Sammy the Shopkeeper
Pitt and Kantropp Cheif Sariac, Steff
The Secret Show Changed Daily, Marlon Zen
Frankenstein's Cat Dr. Frankenstein, Mr Crumble, Pipsquawk
Tommy Zoom Polluto
The Mr Men Mr Tall, Mr Small
Noddy in Toyland Big Ears, Mr Wobbly Man, Sly
Thomas and Friends Sir Topham hatt (The Fat Controller), Gordon, Henry, Edward, Dowager Hatt, Bertie, Whiff, Harvey, Glynn, Salty, Den, Norman, Stafford, Skarloey, Sir Handel, Arlesdale Bert, Captain, Sir Lowham Hatt, Lord Callan, Mr. Bubbles and many other characters. 
Jungle Junction Bungo, Dozer, Crocker
The Octonauts Shellington, Professor Inkling. Plus a myriad of guest characters.
Buzz and Tell Walter Flipstick, Charles Cheese, Orange Bernard.
Dinopaws Tony
Toot the Tiny Tugboat Bryan the Ferry, HP the Speedboat, Ol' Graham, Harbour Master