The Octonauts

The Ocotonauts is a multi-award winning television series produced by Silvergate Media based on a series of books by Meomi (Vicki Wong and Michael Murphy), and for the entire 12 year run, I've been the voice of Shellington the Sea Otter (a marine biologist) and Professor Inkling, founder of the Octonauts. I also voice Ranger Marsh, one of many Octo Agents, and many other guest creatures. 

A rare picture of an Octonauts session. Taken at Soho Square Studios by the (Emmy Award winning) voice director Dave Peacock. From L-R - Paul Panting (Peso), Simon Greenall (Barnacles), Rob Rackstraw (Kwazii), Me, Kate Harbour (Vegimals), Harriet Carmichael (Guest Characters). The ghostly face in the glass is the fantastic Andrew West, sound engineer.